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Eligibility for Election to a Local Authority


(a) Every Irish citizen and every person ordinarily resident in the State, who has reached the age of 18, who is not subject to any of the disqualifications outlined in paragraph (b) below, is eligible for election;


(b) A person is disqualified for election to a local authority if he/she:


  • is a member of the Commission of the European Communities, or
  • is a member of the European Parliament, or
  • is a Judge, Advocate General or Registrar of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, or
  • is a member of the Court of Auditors of the European Communities, or
  • is a member of Dáil Éireann or Seanad Éireann, or
  • is appointed under the Constitution as a Judge or as the Comptroller and Auditor General, or
  • is a member of the Garda Síochána, or
  • is a full time member of the Defence Forces, or
  • is a civil servant who is not by the terms of his or her employment expressly permitted to be a member of a local authority, or
  • is a person employed by a local authority and is not the holder of a class, description or grade of employment designated by order under section 161(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2001, or
  • is a person employed by the Health Service Executive and is at a grade or of a description of employment designated by order of the Minister for Health and Children, or
  • is undergoing a sentence of imprisonment for any term exceeding 6 months imposed by a court of competent jurisdiction in the State, or
  • fails to pay any sum or any portion of any sum charged or surcharged by an auditor of the accounts of any local authority upon or against that person, or
  • fails to comply with a final judgement, order or decree of a court of competent jurisdiction, for payment of money due to a local authority, or
  • is convicted of, or has had a conviction confirmed on appeal for, an offence relating to fraudulent or dishonest dealings affecting a local authority or corrupt practice or acting when disqualified.


(Local Government Act 2001, as amended – sections 13 and 13A).

A person in any of the categories listed above is also disqualified from nomination for election (Local Government Act 2001 – section 2(4))



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