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Kerrykeel Flood Relief Scheme



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To address flooding issues nationally, the Office of Public Works (OPW) have commissioned and completed Catchment and Flood Risk Management (CFRAM) studies across the country.  The North Western CFRAM Study was completed with support from Donegal County Council.  An output of the CFRAM study identified flood risk areas, including Kerrykeel, and the associated impacts of flooding.. Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMPs) were also prepared as part of the CFRAM Study.  The FRMP set out the measures and policies to be considered in more detail through a project level assessment so that the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable option to manage flood risk is identified and developed.  The North Western FRMP which includes Kerrykeel can be viewed here.



Building on the FRMP, the Government’s National Development Plan 2018-2027 committed €1 billion to the development of flood relief measures across Ireland. As part of this commitment, a steering group was established between the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Donegal County Council to undertake a project level assessment to identify and progress a flood relief scheme for Kerrykeel.



How the Flood Relief Scheme is being Progressed



OPW and Donegal County Council are working in partnership to progress the project level assessment and to develop the preferred option for Kerrykeel Flood Relief Scheme. 



The OPW’s in-house Flood Relief and Risk Management team is currently undertaking detailed hydrology and flood risk analysis based on present day and future storm scenarios using the most up to date data.  OPW have installed a rain gauge in Kerrykeel to record rainfall depth every 15 minutes, giving us a better understanding of localised intense storm events that can cause flooding. 



Donegal County Council have appointed Murphy Geospatial ( to undertake property threshold surveys as well as a detailed river and terrain survey of the Burnside River and incoming watercourses.    The survey work is now complete on site.



These surveys capture the data needed to build an up to date computer model of the Burnside River and its floodplain in Kerrykeel.  The model will simulate flow scenarios in detail to define flood extent and depth.  Model outputs will identify properties at risk from flooding and inform the design of flood protection measures.



The Standard of Protection (SoP) provided by the flood relief measures will prevent flooding to properties from flood events with a 1 in 100 year return period (in other words, floods that have a 1% chance of occurring in any given year) and will include adaptability to climate change.  The measures to be considered for the Scheme will be assessed on a range of criteria including technical, social, environmental and economic viability.  This assessment will conclude with the identification and design of a preferred option, the construction of which will be funded by the OPW. 



Donegal County Council are providing technical and administrative support to the OPW in identifying the preferred flood risk management option for Kerrykeel, including procurement and management of specialist surveys, environmental screening and technical review.  We are also available to answer any queries you may have at [email protected] .





Based on the duration of analysis and tasks required to develop a flood relief scheme to a 100 year return period Standard of Protection, a best estimate of timescale is shown on the diagram below.



Have your Say



The overall project objective is to develop a flood relief scheme for each community that is economically viable and technically, socially and environmentally acceptable.   We welcome your views on how this can be achieved for Kerrykeel.



We invite stakeholders and members of the public to provide any information you may have on flood risk in Kerrykeel, particularly on the flood event of June 2014; to voice any concerns you may have or to inform the Scheme design.



You can contact us by email at [email protected]



You may write to us at:


Flood Relief Schemes Unit

Water Services Capital Office

Donegal County Council


Co. Donegal, F93 Y622



As part of the statutory planning process for the Flood Relief Scheme, a public consultation will also be held.  The public will have access to Scheme documents and updates through this web page.



Updates on Progress


As we reach key project milestones for Kerrykeel, we will post updates on this web page and let you know on Donegal County Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.



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