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National Revaluation Programme

National Revaluation Programme


Update - 25/10/2022

This is a reminder that if you received your Proposed Valution Certifcate in recent weeks and have a query on it the closing date for the making representations to The Valuation Office is on or before November 1st 2022. The process is free and it is recommended that you do so online. Further information can be found via:

Further Ratepayer support in relation to ‘Reval 2023’ is available at:

Email: [email protected]

Reval 2023 Phone: 01 584 6753




Revaluation 2023 Proposed Valuation Certificates

The Valuation Office issued Proposed Valuation Certificates (PVC’s) on the 23rd September 2022 to Ratepayers in Donegal. 


Please be aware that the Proposed Valuation (Net Annual Value) on the Proposed Valuation Certificate you have received is not your rates liability.


The commercial rates payable in any year is calculated by multiplying the valuation of the property which is set by the Valuation Office by the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV) which is set by the Local Authority.


Donegal County Council has prepared an indicative ARV based on the income levied in 2022. Please note that this is an indicative rate to assist you in estimating your bill from January 1st 2024. Your current rate bill will remain unchanged until this date, and this indicative rate may change in advance of 2024, and will be set by the Council in Q4 2023.


The indicative ARV for Donegal County Council is 0.232. Please take the proposed valuation figure from your cert and multiply this figure by the ARV of 0.232 to arrive at the annual rates liability e.g.:

Proposed Valuation Figure €10,000 * 0.232 = €2,320 Estimated Rates bill


Click here to use the online Rates Estimate calculator provided by The Valuation Office:


Where a ratepayer is dissatisfied with his or her proposed valuation or any of the details contained in the Proposed Valuation Certificate, the ratepayer should make a “representation” to the Valuation Office within 40 days of the date of issue of the said Certificate.  The closing date for making representations is clearly printed on each Proposed Valuation Certificate. Representations received outside this timeframe will not be considered. Please also note that Donegal County Council have no role in the valuation or representation process.


Further Ratepayer support in relation to ‘Reval 2023’  is available at:


Email: [email protected]


Reval 2023 Phone: 01 584 6753




Frequently asked questions


The Valuation Office has a useful list of Frequently asked questions.


National Revaluation Programme leaflet

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