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Offer a home, offer hope for Ukraine

Do you have a house, apartment or holiday home that’s not in use at the moment? Please consider offering it for those fleeing war in Ukraine. 



A tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available for properties used to house those arriving from Ukraine.


Under the programme, the Council will take offers of properties for temporary accommodation, liaise with owners to assess suitability, and arrange for their use by Ukrainian people and families.


Full information on the scheme is available at or by contacting the Council.


This is not a call for shared properties. If you have a shared property or room to offer, please contact the Irish Red Cross.

What’s involved?

Step 1

Offer your property at or by emailing [email protected]


Step 2

The Council will contact you to confirm some details, discuss the process and answer any queries you have.


Step 3

If you are happy to proceed, and your property is suitable, the Council will assess the property. This is because properties must meet certain minimum standards and the assessment also helps the Council find the best match for the property.


Step 4

The Council will let you know if the property meets the required standard.


If the property meets the required standards, the Council will begin work to match the property to the most suitable Ukrainian person or family.


If the property does not meet the required standards, the Council will give you further information on what the issues are and how they might be addressed.


Step 5

When a suitable Ukrainian person or family has been identified and has agreed to take up the offer of accommodation, the Council will notify you and will facilitate contact between you and the person or family.


The Council will also provide you with a template licence agreement, which you can choose to adapt or sign with the beneficiary before they move in.


After move-in and during the stay

Throughout the arrangement, the Council will maintain contact with you and with the Ukrainian person or family and offer any necessary support.