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Sample Planning Notices


Please note: Where Further Information/Revised Plans have been submitted to the planning authority, and the Planning Authority deems this information to be significant, the applicant will be required to place a new notice on the site and to advertise the fact in an approved newspaper. See below for thedetails of the information to be included in such notices


Applicants/Agents are advised that the revised newspaper and site notices should not accompany the Further Information/ Revised Plans submission. The planning authority will advise whenever revised notices are necessary and give a deadline  as to when the notices must be submitted


Advice to anyone who has made a submission and may wish to make a further submission in respect of the Further Information/Revised Plans submitted.


Where someone wishes to make a submission in respect of Further Information/Revised Plans where the local authority has deemed them to be significant no submission fee is required where a valid submission/observation had already been made in respect of the planning application, however a copy of the acknowledgement by the authority of the receipt of a submission must accompany any new submission. If a previous submission has not been made then the submission needs to be accompanied by a fee of €20.00.

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