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For Assigned Certifiers and Designers


  • The Design and Assigned Certifier   must be a Registered Chartered Engineer, or Registered Architect or   Registered Building Surveyor.
  • The builder must be competent to   undertake the works in accordance with drawings and specifications supplied   and with the building regulations.
  • The drawings, calculations,   specifications must outline how the proposed works or building will comply   with the technical requirements of the Building Regulations.
  • The drawings submitted at planning permission are not for building control purposes and are not likely   to be sufficient to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations or to   instruct a builder in the proper execution of the works.



There is a release tonight Friday 15th August 2014 and there is a couple of items to be made aware of : 

  1. The link in the email sent to stakeholders on role nomination will now bring the user to the correct tab for Acceptance.  This should ease the burden of Role Acceptance issues.
  2. The roles acceptance process has changed.  Users can now nominate roles and proceed to Documentation stage without Acceptance.  The system will check on submission that all users have accepted and will block submission if not.
  3. The issue with owners accepting role without entering appropriate information (eg Address info) has been fixed.
  4. The users were getting two emails when nominated for a role.  They will now only get one.
  5. We have removed the ability for all users other than the assigned certifier to upload documents once the application has been submitted (as directed by the Steering Group).
  6. There is now additional help text around payment amount and how to change if incorrect.

 These changes should have a significant impact on the support load which exists at present.  Your patience is appreciated through this improvement phase. 



14 July 14 Acceptance of Role must be done via Email & Details on Short CN


Ideally all parties should liaise with the Assigned Certifiers, as this is the person responsible for the updating the file on BCMS.



All Materials procured for use on works must be in compliance with the 



Completion Certification



Useful publications for Designers & Assigned Certifiers