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Ballyshannon Design Guide - April 2019


Ballyshannon Design Guide was launched in the Town at an event on Tuesday 9th April 2019.  The event was extremely well attended by the local community.


The Guide was commissioned by Donegal County Council and funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme.


Ballyshannon has a wealth of surviving heritage buildings from the late 18th and early 19th century, with 55 no. protected structures to boast off.  Having an understanding of the importance of this wealth of structures will encourage and guide the Heritage led regeneration of the town and provide sustainability and secure a vibrant future for the town.  The rich built heritage in Ballyshannon sets it apart of many other places in the country and is potentially Ballyshannon’s ‘Unique Selling Point’. International research has evidenced the value of heritage to economic and social well-being so this initiative is a first and really important step in safeguarding our very special and unique asset.


It is intended that this Guide will provide assistance to a wide range of public and private stakeholders such as landowners, business owners, local community groups, technical practitioners, statutory bodies and public authorities.  Where the advice contained in this Guide can be applied, it will reap long term benefits for the conservation of the character of the town. 


The Guide can be viewed at the following link:  Ballyshannon Design Guide