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FUTURE Ballyshannon


Have your say on the Ballyshannon Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan


Donegal County Council’s Regeneration & Development Team in conjunction with GM Design Associates is pleased to announce the launch of ‘FUTURE Ballyshannon’, a visioning project which will deliver a Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan for Ballyshannon Town Centre.


The project is commencing with a period of Public Consultation to inform the preparation of the Draft Strategy and Action Plan. The consultation period will be open from Monday 25th January 2021, in tandem with the launch of the project website until Monday 15th February 2021 at 4pm.


The Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan will provide an evidenced framework that will set out the future regeneration aspirations and priorities for Ballyshannon town centre and will facilitate the unlocking of its unique potential including the high quality physical environment and exceptional cultural and historical heritage, as well as its coastal and riverside setting. The Strategy and Action Plan will be regeneration focused and will identify a range of credible and deliverable actions, interventions and projects that will be developed to concept design stage and will be aligned to relevant funding streams to support their delivery.


GM Design Associates are an Architectural, Landscape and Planning practice who are assisting the Council with this project and will be working collaboratively with the local community and key stakeholders to develop the Strategy and Action Plan.


The public are invited to think about "their place" and share their likes, dislikes and aspirations for the future of Ballyshannon town centre. Local participation in the process is invaluable and will ensure that the Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan is suitably tailored to the specific needs of the community and local economy.


So please get in touch and have your say, you can do so by:







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