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Electoral Register Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to vote?


To be eligible to vote you must be:


  • 18 years of age or over on 15th February in the year the Register comes into force
  • Ordinarily resident at the address applied for on 1st September in the year preceding the year the Register comes into force


If you are applying for entry in the Supplement to the Register for a particular Election or Referendum you can be included if you will be 18 years of age on or before Polling Day.



I am not an Irish Citizen; can I be included in the register of electors?


Yes you can be included.  All citizens over 18 years of age resident in the County can be included in the register of electors.



Will I be entitled to vote at all elections if I am not an Irish Citizen?


No, the right to vote is as follows:


  • Irish citizens are entitled to vote at all elections and referenda
  • British citizens are entitled to vote at Dáil and Local elections
  • European citizens are entitled to vote at European and Local elections
  • Non-European citizens are entitled to vote at Local elections only



How do I register to vote?


A draft register is prepared every year on 1st November and any person can apply to have their name included by completing application form RFA and returning it to Donegal County Council's Franchise Unit. When the Draft register is published you can make a claim to have corrections made to the Draft register up to 25th November by completing Form RFA1 and returning it to Donegal County Council.


How will I know if I am registered?


A Draft register of electors is published on 1st November each year and made available for checking at Garda Stations, Post Offices, Public Libraries and Public Service Centres or online at People are encouraged to check this register before 25th November to ensure that they are registered correctly.



Do I have to apply every year to go on the register?

There is no need to apply every year, but you should check the register every year to ensure that you are still registered as a lot of changes are submitted for the register every year.



If my name is not on the live register in February is it too late to apply?

If an election or referendum is called and your name is not included in the live register you can apply to go on a supplement to the register. To apply for entry in the Supplement you must complete form RFA2 and have it signed by a member of An Garda Síochana at your local Garda Station.  Return your completed form to Donegal County Council.



Will my details be given to marketing Companies, banks, etc.?

Since November 2004, there is an edited version of the register published as well as the full version. The edited register is available for purchase and can be used for direct marketing. If you do not want to be included in the edited register please tick the opt out box on the registration form when you are applying to register.




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