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N15 Corcam Bends Public Consultation


Donegal County Council, with Roughan & O’Donovan Consulting Engineers appointed as technical advisors, are currently progressing the N15 Corcam Bends Road Scheme through the Phase 2 Options Selection Stage. Donegal County Council wish to inform the public of the N15 Corcam Bends Road Scheme and invite submissions from the Public on the constraints and options being considered.


Purpose of the Project

The N15 Corcam Bends Road Scheme commences to the east of the 60km/h speed zone gateway leaving Stranorlar and continues approximately 1.5 km east terminating in the townland of Cavan Lower. This section of the N15 is subject to 100km/h speed limit.

  • Why are we here? - There have been a high number of accidents at these bends over the last 15 years.
  • What are we doing about it? – We are looking at various options to improve the road and provide facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • How can we do this? – Realign the road and reduce the number of direct accesses onto the N15, for example by providing a parallel access road.


This section of the national primary network is significantly below standard for a National Road. The sub-standard horizontal alignment is characterised by a series of sharp bends and reduced forward visibility, and the cross-section is narrow with limited roadside verges and no provision for pedestrians or cyclists. These deviations from standards have created a hazardous environment which is evidenced by the collected and anecdotal collision record for the section of road.


Progress to date

A Constraints Study has been carried out to identify all factors that will influence the location and design of the project. The Constraints Study is the first stage in the Options Selection process and was carried out to identify the nature and extent of constraints within the study area of the proposed development.  The Constraints Report has been used to inform the development of the initial route options as part of this Stage 1 Options Assessment. The Constraints Study Map shows the study area and identifies the key constraints including the River Finn SAC, Flood Risk Areas, heritage sites, and ESB high voltage lines.


Your Feedback

Donegal County Council now invites the residents of the local area, members of the public and other interested parties to offer comments and views on the constraints within the study area and the developed options. All information will be considered when completing the Stage 2 Options Assessment and in identifying an Emerging Preferred Option. This public consultation will run between 20th April 2023 and 19th May 2023. Submissions can be made by email or in writing at the addresses below:

N15 Corcam Bends Road Scheme,

National Roads Office,

Donegal County Council,

Donegal Town,

F94 DK6C,


Or by email to [email protected]

Please make your submission by 19th May 2023.


A public consultation event will be held on Thursday 20th April 2023 from 2pm to 7pm in Kee’s Hotel, Stranorlar where members of the Project Team will be available to discuss any aspect of the Project.


Next Steps

Over the coming months, the Project Team will review and consider all submissions received following the first public consultation in response to the Constraints and Options. A Multi-Criteria Analysis will then be carried out on the options using the six Common Appraisal Framework criteria of: Safety, Environment, Economy, Accessibility and Social Inclusion, Integration, and Physical Activity. This will result in an Emerging Preferred Route.

A further public consultation shall be held displaying the Emerging Preferred Route prior to finalising the option selection process.

Following confirmation of the preferred route option, the Project Team will then further develop the design, undertaking additional environmental and technical surveys and assessments. This process will culminate in the publication of the Statutory Orders and applicable Environmental Report(s) in accordance with relevant legislation for the Development consent processes.


Scheme Options

The Options Assessments is being carried out in two stages. Stage 1 Preliminary Options Assessment involved developing concept designs for a wide range of feasible options. A comparative assessment was then undertaken of their impacts and relative success in achieving the Project Objectives, under the headings of engineering, environment, and economy. A short list of options has been determined and theses are now being brought forward to the Stage 2 Options Assessment.

Three Do Something options (Options A, B and C) plus a Do Minimum option (base condition) have been identified for consideration as part of the Stage 2 Options Assessment. These options are presented on the Route Options Map. Furthermore, Options A, B and C are presented individually on separate maps which provide an early indication of the plan and profile of each route option. It should however be noted that these figures are for information purposes only. They are a work in progress and subject to change as a result of environmental assessments, more detailed topographical surveys and geotechnical investigations and feedback received from the public and other stakeholders during consultations.



N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - English

N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Irish

N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Feedback Form

1. N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Constraints Map

2. N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Short List Route Options 

3. N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Option A

4. N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Option B

5. N15 Corcam Bends Leaflet - Option C