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Notice of Making of Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits)(County of Donegal)(Amendment) Bye Laws 2015 (Certain Housing Estates)

Donegal County Council undertook to amend the “Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits)(County of Donegal) Bye-Laws 2011” [as amended by the “Road Traffic (Special Speed Limit)(County of Donegal)(Amendment) Bye-Laws 2012”] in order mainly:


i)                    to provide for a more appropriate speed limit (specifically 30 kilometres per hour) on the public roads within thirty housing estates



Donegal County Council (“the Council”) in accordance with circular RSD 01/2014 issued by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport commissioned a pilot scheme which identified a number of council estates where the Council proposed to introduce a 30km/hr ‘Slow Zone’.


Taking into account representations from members of the public and elected Councillors, Donegal County Council deemed that a change to the speed limits was appropriate at thirty housing estates throughout the County. The changes are documented in the ROAD TRAFFIC (SPECIAL SPEED LIMITS) (COUNTY OF DONEGAL) (AMENDMENT) BYE-LAWS 2015.


Public Consultation


Draft Bye-Laws were prepared to reflect the proposed changes and made available for inspection to the general public from 10th September 2015 to the 9th October 2015. There was consultation with An Garda Siochana and also the Transport Infrastructure Ireland. The Gardai advised in writing that they had no proposed amendments to the Draft Bye-Laws. Whilst the Transport Infrastructure Ireland  were also notified, they advised that their consent was not required to the making of the proposed Bye-Laws as there was no national roads involved.


Adoption of the Bye-Laws


The proposed Bye-Laws were submitted at the Donegal County Council meeting held on the 28th October 2015. At this meeting, the Road Traffic (Special Speed Limit)(County of Donegal)(Amendment) Bye-Laws 2015, were adopted.




The Bye-Laws come into operation on the 1st day of December 2015


Special Speed Limits Amendment Bye Laws 2015


Special Speed Limits Amendment Bye Laws 2015 Drawings