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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a connection to the water mains or the public sewer?

Complete and return an Application form for Water Connection.


My water supply was off recently. The water coming from the tap is now brown. Is this to be expected?


When the water supply has been switched off to carry out repairs, bursts etc., some sediment can become dislodged from the water pipes during the switching back on of the supply. If you run the water for a short time it should run clear.


My water supply was off recently. The water from the tap appears cloudy. Is this to be expected?


This is quite common. When a water main has been opened to repair bursts etc., air enters the pipe and gives the water a milky/cloudy appearance when it comes from the tap. If you leave the water to settle in the glass you will see that the air quickly leaves and the water is as clear as normal.


My water is off at the moment. Can I still use my central heating system?

If a registered contractor has installed your central heating system, it will be run from a separate expansion tank in the attic. This water will not be affected by a water mains shutdown and it is safe to use your central heating.


My water was off recently and water has come back to the cold taps downstairs. Why is there still no water in the upstairs bathroom and what can be done?


This occurs in some plumbing systems after a water shutdown. It is an airlock in your system and you may need to engage a plumber to eliminate it. Donegal County Council endeavour to keep shutdown of supplies to a minimum but do not maintain interior plumbing systems.


Why is water sometimes cut-off without notice?

Donegal County Council are not always in a position to inform of shutdowns as they are often of an emergency nature, e.g. burst mains, and our priority is to attend to and remedy the problem as quickly as possible. Where an area is programmed for a water shutdown, advance notice is usually given in the form of announcements on local radio, and newspaper advertisements.


Who is responsible for leaks?

Responsibility for leaks depends on the location of the leak. Any leak on the consumer side of the connection is the responsibility of the consumer and up to the connection is Donegal County Council’s responsibility. 



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