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Algaran Teoranta hope to establish strong partnerships in the US


Algaran Teoranta CEO Rosaria Piseri


The trip is part of the region’s strategy to promote inward investment and provide local businesses access to potential export opportunity.


Algaran Teorantamanufactures a range of edible Seaweed, Seaweed Foods and Seaweed Cosmetics, all Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd and is based in Malinmore, Glencolmcille – in close proximity to the cleanest shores of the West Coast of Ireland.


Algaran Teoranta’s products are produced locally with freshly harvested seaweed. The company was established in 2004 by Italian woman Rosaria Piseri – who has a Diploma in Natural Science from the University of Milan and a previous career working in the food and drinks industry.


In recent years, Algaran Teoranta has attracted attention from the Japanese market as an attractive source of seaweed food products. It is also the first company in Europe to get Irish seaweed certified as organic.


Speaking ahead of participating in the Boston trade mission, Algaran Teoranta CEO Rosaria Piseri, said: “We are a small manufacturer of seaweed products for the health and beauty sectors – harvesting our seaweed locally and transforming it in a few hours into both food and cosmetics.


“Our products are always fresh – and we use no flavours, colouring or other chemicals.


“We decided to participate in the trade delegation to Boston as we are hoping to tap into a much bigger marketplace for our niche products – and firmly believe that the US market could provide us with that opportunity.


“A few years ago, we sold seaweed in bulk as ingredients to a company who were producing vegan food in New York. However, we now hope to expand much more widely into the US market with our unique seaweed foods and cosmetics range.


“A successful trip to Boston for us would be to meet the right partners with whom we could establish strong long-term relationships.


“We are also on the lookout for investors – as we are planning to set up another three production units in Ireland that will cater for our anticipated expansion into both the American and Asian markets.”

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