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8/12/17 Irish Water urges customers to confirm outstanding details

Irish Water is to send out over 100,000 emails to customers who have already registered for Irish Water’s Online Account Management and 30,000 texts to customers to ensure that the process of refunding domestic water charges is as efficient as possible.


The refunds process is progressing well and it is expected that 90% of refunds will be processed by Christmas. However, Irish Water is reliant on customers providing correct details to ensure that the cheques are sent to the right address.


Irish Water has identified almost 19,000 customers who have registered for Online Account Management who need to give us additional details to receive their cheque. There are also a number of customers, who may have moved and not yet notified Irish Water, who also need to update their details. 


According to Irish Water’s Head of Customer Operations, Eamon Gallen, the response from customers has been very positive so far,


“There has been a great response to our appeal to customers to update their details. To date Irish Water has received over 50,000 calls from members of the public updating their details or seeking advice regarding the refunds process. We are making a final call to anyone who has not yet updated their details to do so as a matter of urgency.”


“Irish Water are making every effort to ensure that our customer details are as accurate as possible and have encouraged customers to contact us where necessary through media, radio and digital advertising campaigns and via our website and social media channels.”


“We are now going to email those who registered for Online Account Management, a service where customers can see how much they paid in water charges and check that their account and contact details are correct.”


“Because there have been attempts at phishing emails, whereby fraudulent attempts were made to gain personal details of customers, Irish Water is encouraging customers to CallSave 1850 448 448 to update their details where necessary rather than clicking on links or replying to texts from unfamiliar sources.”


“The public should be aware that Irish Water will never ask customers for personal financial information over email.”


If a cheque has already issued, customers can still contact us to update their details and arrange for the cheque to be cancelled and re-issued.


There are extensive questions and answers about the refunds process at

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