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Irish Water urgent call to continue to conserve water


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Irish Water calling urgently on the public to continue to conserve water as the demand for water remains too high across the country



Irish Water are calling on the public to continue to take sustained action to conserve water as weather conditions remain warm and the drought is increasingly reducing capacity in rivers and boreholes, while our production plants struggle to meet increasing demand. As well as reducing consumption, we are appealing to the public to report leaks on the public water network and to repair private side leaks in both homes and in businesses.  



As the warm weather continues, the demand on water supplies is outstripping the supply across the country. Irish Water is appealing to the public to conserve water as much as possible and to avoid unnecessary use of water. As flows in rivers and water levels in boreholes reduce, conserving water now will safeguard scarce water resources for the remainder of the summer and into the autumn.  The weather has been dry since late February this year with Met Éireann reporting that the level of rain that as fallen is on par with 1976 when a major drought was in place.



Irish Water is working with local authorities to do everything possible to conserve water availability, examining how we can make further inroads into leakage by mobilizing extra crews and seeking maximum public cooperation in saving water. We now have 39 water supplies under night-time water restrictions and over 100 water supplies at risk due to high consumption. We are tankering water from larger schemes to top up reservoirs where levels are falling.  



Irish Water will continue to encourage and support the public in their conservation efforts and want to thank everyone who has taken active measures to conserve water. The Utility has also been in touch with large commercial users who have committed to conserve water and we thank them for their efforts and encourage all users of water to be mindful of how they can reduce their overall consumption.

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