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20/12/18 Temporary Speed limits at road works over the festive season


The following is a list of road work sites that will still be on place over the Christmas holiday period:


N14 Drumoghill

N15 Blackburn Bridge to Cappry

N56 Ardara

N56 Coolboy - Kilmacrennan

N56 Kilkenny - Letterilly

N56 Mountcharles - Drumbeigh


Brian O’Donnell Road Safety Officer stated “Temporary speed limits will be still in effect on these projects. These sites will be unfinished with temporary surfaces and incomplete works and it is important for the safety of all road users that motorists strictly adhere to the temporary speed limits in place.


Motorists who do not adhere to set speed limits at road works are putting their own lives plus other road users at risk.


Driving through road works at a reduced speed will only add a short period of time onto the journey but this extra time can reduce the risk of a serious collision”.


The temporary speed limits in place are legal and Gardai will be monitoring the speed of traffic at these locations and will continue to do so and motorists will run the risk of incurring penalty points if they break the speed limit. 


The inconvenience caused is regrettable but is required for the safety of everyone concerned. All motorists should be fully aware of the importance of driving within the speed limit, whether it is driving through road works or within the general speed limits.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all road users a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year.

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