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01/02/2017 - CLEAN project has officially started in the North West region



CLEAN project has officially started in the North West region of Ireland


CLEAN will improve low-carbon policies and increase energy efficiency



February 2017, Letterkenny



The CLEAN project - Technologies and Open Innovation for Low-Carbon Regions - has officially commenced. Nine EU regions have joined together to address a common challenge: how to meet EU energy efficiency building targets in our regions.



The project will share best practices for smarter and more energy efficient regions, will improve low carbon policies in the participating regions, and will increase energy efficiency in the built environment. CLEAN will receive financial support from the European Union’s Interreg Europe cooperation programme, which helps regional and local governments to develop better public policies by creating an environment for sharing solutions between regions.



The project is five-years in duration with a budget of €1.6 million. It will study the relationship between low carbon solutions, energy efficiency, information communications (“carbon tech”) and mobile technologies, and how these can be employed to positively change citizen energy behaviours.



The project is led by ERNACT with close cooperation from the following partners:



                   Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (Sweden)


                   Fomento de San Sebastian (Spain)


                   Municipality of Iasi (Romania)


                   Naples Agency for Energy and Environment (Italy)


                   Cooperative Les 7 Vents (France)


                   Development Agency of Savinjska Region (Slovenia)


                   Regional Council of North Karelia   (Finland)


                    Region of Crete (Greece)




CLEAN will complement ERNACT’s ongoing SECURE - Smarter Energy Communities in Northern & Arctic Regions - project, which aims to transfer & implement innovative energy solutions for housing and public infrastructure across Northern Periphery and Arctic regions.



For further information, contact:


Ianire Renobales, Digital Communications Officer ERNACT


North West Regional Science Park


Letterkenny, Co Donegal, Ireland


Tel: +353 74 916 8212



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