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04/04/2017 - Dumping at Ballinalacky Crossroads Cleaned Up

Dumping at Ballinalacky Crossroads

Illegal dumping discovered at Ballinalacky Crossroads this morning


Donegal County Council would like to thank the media and members of the public for bringing the illegal dumping at Ballinalacky crossroads to our attention.


Our Litter Warden Brian McBrearty has visited the site and carried out a clean up today. 


“The shocking thing is that 99% of the rubbish dumped can be recycled and there are free recycling banks less than 2 km from where the rubbish was dumped” says Brian.


“We have cleaned up the site now and the rubbish has been bagged and our mobile litter unit will collect the bags later on this evening”.


Dumping at Ballinalacky Crossroads

Site after it was cleaned up by Councils Litter Management team


“We use CCTV cameras to detect illegal dumping such as this and we will be monitoring this site in case of any future occurrences.  This is the second time in four weeks that we have had to clean up this site”.


“We would urge members of the public not to dump their rubbish illegally.  It is not only unsightly and bad for the environment but it is also illegal and you could face prosecution including a hefty fine of up to €3,000”.


If you are aware of illegal dumping in your area, report it to the Council by calling 074 91 53900 or online at .


Dumping at Ballinalacky Crossroads

 Rubbish bagged and waiting for collection by the Mobile Litter Unit




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