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Enjoy St.Johns night responsibly Without Bonfires

St. Johns Bonfire

Donegal County Council issues warning on bonfires.


Donegal County Council is warning households and businesses not to supply waste material to parties collecting for bonfire night and that it is illegal to give waste to a person that does not have a waste collection permit.


Many communities in Donegal are preparing for the time old tradition of lighting bonfires to celebrate St John’s Night.  While traditionally wood and straw were used for bonfires there is increasing evidence that individuals are using nights such as St John’s Night and Halloween as an opportunity to dispose of waste illegally. 


Providing waste material for burning in a bonfire is committing a criminal offence. It also harmful to the environment as burning waste material contributes to over 50% of all dioxin emissions in Ireland.


Typically waste illegally burned on bonfires has included tyres, furniture, mattresses, paper, cardboard, textiles, timbers, food, garden clippings, synthetics such as plastics and even glass and metal.  Tyres in particular are frequently burnt on bonfires even though they produce toxic fumes, releasing dioxins into the air damaging our health and the environment. This is committing a criminal offence.


It is important to remember that the burning of waste is illegal and can result in prosecution.  

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