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Local Improvement Scheme 2017

The Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) have advised that it is intends to implement a Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) in 2017, subject to;


a) the level of demand,

b) the level of resources available, and

c) the capacity of the Local Authorities to complete the scheme by the end of 2017.


In order to gauge the level of interest Local Authorities have been requested to compile and submit a listing of proposed LIS projects to DRCD.


Applications are now invited from interested parties for LIS 2017 for eligible roads.

Eligible roads are non‐public roads, often leading to houses and important community amenities such as graveyards, beaches, piers, mountains, etc. or other non‐public roads that provide access to parcels of land, or provide access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons.


There must be more than 1 landholder on an LIS road and the road must be open to the public.


Roads serving only houses or buildings occupied or used by persons not engaged in Agriculture or roads leading to commercial enterprises are not eligible LIS roads.


A local contribution is required for Local Improvement Schemes and has been set at 10% for eligible roads with up to and including 5 residents and at 15% for those with 6 or more residents.


Free labour or materials are not acceptable as part of the contribution by local residents.


The following will not be accepted, for the purposes of the LIS;


(a) minor proposals that applicants could do themselves and/or

(b) small projects that would be uneconomic for the Council to carry out.


Application forms will be available on the Council’s website here.


Completed application forms can be submitted by post to Local Improvement Scheme 2017, Roads Department, County House, Lifford, County Donegal or by e‐mail to with the subject title Local Improvement Scheme 2017 Application.


Applications must be submitted by 4.30 p.m. on Friday 8th September 2017.

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