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13/02/2017 - Something special for St Valentines Day


Something special for St Valentines Day




A passionate 19th century St Valentine’s letter/poem has been discovered in Donegal County Archives.



Niamh Brennan, County Archivist said “we are not sure who A Sinclaire was or to whom the letter was addressed. This affecting love poem was found during routine cataloguing work in Donegal County Archives last week”.



“It was found in the collection of the Steele Nicholson family of Falmore House, Gleneely, Inishowen, which was donated to the Archives some years ago by Down Museum. The Steele Nicholsons were a wealthy family who owned property and land in Donegal and Down in the 19th century”.



“We thought that this week would be the perfect time to share this poem” said Niamh.



Transcribed as follows:



My Dear Valentine


Thy image, lovely as the morn,


Appears in all I see


For nature in her  fairest forms but beauty speaks of thee


Oh welcome love, it this be love, aught else it cannot be


To think that all my joy or woe finds sympathy with thee.


I love thee dear with all my heart, none else can I love but thee


My heart you have and yours I want from thee.


I am your affectionate admirer



A Sinclaire



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