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Speed Awareness Campaign in Liscooley

Speed Awareness Campaign in Liscooley


A speed awareness campaign has been launched in Liscooley to remind motorists of the village's 50kph speed limit. Donegal County Council, An Garda Siochana local residents and school children are highlighting the dangers of speeding and to remind drivers to slow down.


There is serious concern among residents and the local community of Liscooley that motorists show no consideration for pedestrians or the children attending Donaghmore NS and local residents and children have observed traffic frequently speeding dangerously through the village.


The entire community, young and old are vulnerable to cars speeding and not adhering to the speed limit, especially when pedestrians are attempting to cross the road from the Church car park to the Primary School and Community Hall.


Road Safety Officer Brian O’Donnell says “Someone could be seriously injured or killed if motorist’s behaviour does not change and I would appeal to motorists to pay closer attention to the 50kph speed limit in Liscooley.


Speed limits are in place for a reason. Drivers should not use these limits as targets, as there are always other factors to consider, including other road users, levels of traffic and weather conditions. The faster you are travelling, the less time you have to react to the unexpected; even driving within the speed limit in certain circumstances can be too fast.”


An awareness day to highlight speed has taken place in Liscooley earlier today. The event  was co-ordinated by the DRSWG, An Gardai Siochana and with the support of local residents and children from Donaghmore NS. The awareness day is to highlight to all road users just how much damage can be done when road safety messages and speed limits are ignored.

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