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Staying Alive at 1.5 message for Rás 2017

Staying Alive at 1.5 Message for Rás 2017


An Post Rás 2017 has commenced and with 3 full days of cycling to enjoy in Donegal, it will be an exciting time for cycling enthusiasts as well as all sport followers.


The “Stayin’ Alive at 1.5” message has been promoted in Donegal by the Donegal Road Safety Working Group and local cycling clubs over the past few years and it is an ideal opportunity to highlight this message again.


With cycling becoming more and more popular and more bikes on the roads, the Stayin’ Alive at 1.5 message becomes increasingly important and to highlight it again as An Post Rás 2017 is in Donegal, makes perfect sense.


Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer says “the unfortunate reality is that we are reminded too often of what can happen when motorists and cyclists don’t share the road. 7 cyclists have lost their lives on Ireland’s roads in 2017 and there is no question that the Stayin Alive 1.5 message should be supported by everyone who spends any time on a bike or behind the wheel of a vehicle”.


“Sharing the road is a shared responsibility. Too often the debate becomes a cyclist verses motorist one or vice versa, when the most important point is for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to keep themselves and each other safe on the roads. This message should not only be highlighted at times like this over a few days, it is a year round message and one we should plan to have front and centre throughout the entire year. Respect on the roads between motorists and cyclists will make the roads a safer place for everyone.”


An Post Rás 2017 runs from Sunday 21st May to Sunday 28th May with the following stages in Donegal: Wednesday 24th May, Bundoran to Buncrana, Thursday 25th May, Buncrana to Dungloe, Friday 26th May, Dungloe to Donegal and leaving Donegal Town on Saturday 27th May.

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