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17/01/2023 - New High Visibility Crossings (HVC) at Ballybofey & Stranorlar

High Visibility Crossings (HVC) have been installed at four existing courtesy pedestrian crossings on the N15 in Ballybofey and Stranorlar. These new road markings have been introduced in an urban setting to help improve driver awareness of pedestrian crossing movements (figures 1 & 2).


HVC locations 1 and 2
Figure 1 – HVC Locations 1 & 2 in Ballybofey



HVC location 3 and 4
Figure 2 – HVC locations 3 & 4 in Stranorlar


The new High Visibility Crossing marking at the existing pedestrian crossings can be identified where wide white stripes, similar to Zebra Crossing markings, have been placed on the road carriageway (figures 3 & 4).


 HVC location 3 in Stranorlar
Figure 3 – HVC - location 3 in Stranorlar



HGV approach Stranorlar
Figure 4 – On the approach to HVC - location 3 in Stranorlar



Road Traffic (Signs) regulations

A recent amendment to The Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulation 1997 (S.I. No. 182 of 1997) regulation, makes provision for the use of a new crossing ‘zebra crossing without beacons’ consisting of the road markings only (RPC 001 Zebra Crossing).


The amended regulation states as follows:

a driver of a vehicle approaching a zebra pedestrian crossing where traffic sign number RPC 001 (zebra pedestrian crossing) or traffic sign number RPC 001A (zebra pedestrian crossing without beacons) is provided shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian who has commenced crossing the road at the crossing.”



How to use a HVC Crossing

As a driver you should allow pedestrians to cross in an urban area. As you approach any pedestrian crossing you should, SLOW DOWN, and prepare to stop to allow the pedestrian to safely cross. The new High Visibility Crossing markings should be used by drivers to anticipate potential pedestrian crossing maneuvers on the street ahead of them.


Pedestrians should behave as they would at a Zebra Crossing and should always observe approaching traffic before proceeding to cross.


Brian O’Donnell, Road Safety Officer stated, “Since the installation of the crossings, Donegal County Council have carried out a post installation review survey. From the feedback received, the crossings appear to be well received by the community and seem to be working well but we believe public awareness on the use of the crossings is critical to facilitate their use.  


It is important to note that ‘Vehicles do not have automatic right of way on the road’, so to avoid any doubt and in the interest of safety, a vehicle should always yield to pedestrians.

Drivers should always be courteous to pedestrians using an uncontrolled crossing and pedestrians should always ensure that they wait for a gap in traffic and cross only when it is safe to do so.


Please find link to the RSD-64 Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 attached:


Any concerns or queries may be directed to [email protected]  quoting Ballybofey / Stranorlar Pedestrian Crossings so that it can be directed to the relevant section within TII.



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