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11/04/2022 - Capturing Covid-19 – A Day of Reflection

Capturing Covid-19 – A Day of Reflection image


Donegal County Community Forum is hosting a Day of Reflection which will take place on 22nd May 2022 as a tribute to those we have lost during the pandemic, those whose lives have been forever changed because of the pandemic and to the local individuals and organisations who stepped up to help us face and continue to face these challenges.  


Memories allow us to learn from the past and prepare for the future. When we recall a past event we experienced, it helps define who we are as people and to form and deepen bonds with friends, family and as communities. To a large extent, as individuals and communities we define ourselves through history.   Memories give us a sense of identity.  


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken so much from so many.  We are reaching out to people in our community to help us remember by submitting a defining photo of the pandemic and the story behind it. Everyone who submits a photo that represents their experience of the pandemic has the chance to have their memory feature in a public exhibition of the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the community of Donegal.  


The exhibit hopes to reflect photos highlighting not only our heroes but how the pandemic affected our lives and our communities from social distancing signage, to queuing for entry to supermarkets, mask wearing to empty shelves, caring for our loved ones to more recent homecoming journeys and surprises.


You are invited to contribute to this emotional commemorative collection by submitting your photograph and a brief description of the story it portrays to [email protected] by Friday 29th April 2022.


(Photographs will be enlarged to 297 x 420 mm (A3) for display purposes therefore please ensure images are of a high resolution. For further information please contact [email protected] or call 074 9153900)

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