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29/07/2022 - Household Waste Management Survey

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This August households in Letterkenny, Buncrana, Ballybofey, Donegal Town and Glenties will be visited and given the opportunity to take part in a survey gathering information about recycling and waste management practices and opinions. 


Donegal County Council is partnering with VOICE Ireland, an environmental charity, who will be going door to door to find out how residents of Donegal manage their waste and each household participating in the survey will be provided with an information brochure, a pocket guide full of useful information for managing household waste and recycling and useful tips on how to save money by avoiding food waste.


This project has been funded through the anti-dumping initiative (ADI) which encourages a multi-facetted approach to tackling the problems associated with illegal dumping incorporating enforcement, public awareness and education. Donegal County Council was successful in securing nearly one hundred and thirty thousand euro in ADI funding this year to deliver a range of projects throughout the county including resources to support community groups, clean ups,  a reduced price bulky waste initiative run through the recycling centres, paint reuse initiative, surveillance equipment as well as the household waste project.


We would like to ask that everyone who gets the opportunity to get involved in the survey takes it and that we all work together to shape the future for sustainable waste management in Donegal.

The initiative is funded by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications and is co-ordinated through the Waste Enforcement Regional Lead Authorities (WERLA’s).


This year Donegal County Council have teamed up with VOICE Ireland to deliver an interactive ADI project involving households from throughout the County.


VOICE Ireland is a member-based Irish environmental charity that empowers individuals and local communities to take positive action to conserve our natural resources.

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