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15/06/2022 - Keep the race in its place

Event organisers join forces with Donegal Joint Policing Committee and An Garda Síochána to “keep the race in its place"


The Donegal Joint Policing Committee would like to extend a welcome to all the visitors for the 50th Joule Donegal International Rally and remind everyone to “keep the race in its place”.  This weekend is a great opportunity for Donegal to showcase what it has to offer; we have an enjoyable, friendly, safe environment and we ask all attending to be respectful for residents in Donegal and not engage in anti-social behaviour.


There are three organised and controlled diffing events taking place over the weekend,  which will run no later than 10pm each night and there will be No Tolerance by Gardai of any Diffing taking place outside of the organised and controlled venues.


This appeal comes as event organisers join forces with Donegal Joint Policing Committee and An Garda Síochána to encourage all those attending the rally to ‘Respect the Rally’ and comply with a few simple rules:


- Drive safely & respect other road users;

- Never drink and drive;

- Respect residents;

- Keep noise levels down at all times;

- Keep the race in its place and;

- Take your litter home.


Superintendent Michael Finan said “A major policing operation will be in place and those found breaking the law will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. They will be testing drivers for drink, drug driving and speeding.”


Cllr Gerry McMonagle Chair of the Donegal Joint Policing Committee is looking forward to welcoming rally enthusiasts to Donegal saying that “these messages are about making sure that the rally can be enjoyed by spectators and locals in a safe and respectful way”.

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