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08/09/21 - Oral History Recordings on the legacy of Donegal and the Decade of Centenaries are released and online


The Peace IV Echoes of the Decade Oral History project has now gone online for all to hear.


Echoes of the Decade was a joint Donegal County Archives and Donegal County Museum Project, funded by the SEUPB under the Peace IV Programme and running from January 2020 to April 2021. 


The Echoes of the Decade project's aim was to promote understanding of different cultural traditions and narratives. The project focused on the legacy of Ireland's Decade of Centenaries (1912-23) and the lasting legacy of these years in County Donegal. This cross-community project involved workshops with children and young people, as well as an Oral History project.  


The Oral History strand of the project took place during the autumn and winter of 2020. Oral Historian Regina Fitzpatrick interviewed 12 individuals (by phone) from around County Donegal. These recordings have preserved an invaluable record of the passed-down memories of Donegal during this critical period in our recent history.


These recorded interviews are now in Donegal County Archives’ Collection. 


11 of these recordings have been uploaded onto the Council’s website and are available here.


The Archives Service is grateful to all the participants in the project, especially the interviewees who gave freely of their time in the midst of the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many thanks are also due to Regina Fitzpatrick for undertaking this oral history project and doing it so brilliantly.


For more information please contact: Niamh Brennan, archivist, [email protected]


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