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22/06/21 "Yours" Intergenerational Final Event and Launch of "Back to the Future" Book

Yours Intergenerational Book Launch


The Finale of the ‘YOURS Project ......YOUTH & OLD – UNDERSTANDING, REMEMBERING & SHARING and Launch of the Shared Past Local History Book ‘Back to the Future’ was held via zoom on Wednesday 16th June, 2021 with special guest DAVID JAMES, Musician and Presenter.


Sharleen Tinney, Project Co-ordinator welcomed everyone and stated that ‘The Project started in June 2019 and the interaction between both generations throughout has been remarkable resulting in many benefits for both.  Everyone involved has been so enthusiastic, dedicated and motivational.  Bonds were made and skills shared.  Both groups have learnt a lot from each other, making these intergenerational activities and programs magical’.


Speaking at the event, Cllr. Paul Canning, Chair of the Donegal Peace Partnership stated there were 6 very successful activities under the YOURS Intergenerational Project across the County with 200 participants.


  • Arts & Cultural Activity – Intergenerational Dancing
  • Shared Past Local History – ‘Back to the Future’ online classes
  • Bridging the generation gap – ‘Pass it on’ – Male active programme in South Inishowen
  • Wellbeing and Physical Activity – ‘My Sport & YOURS’
  • Addressing Stereotypes – ‘Walk and Ponder’ Ballyshannon & Raphoe
  • Personal Skills – Past and Present – ‘Carry on Crafting’ Finn Valley area

Cllr. Canning stated that this was a truly fantastic project in which young people and older people came together for lots of activities, with both generations sharing their stories and developing strong positive relationships which in turn leads to greater levels of understanding and appreciation in our communities.


He further stated that The Project has had a positive impact on everyone involved by improving the well-being of older adults, reducing the stigma associated with aging and discrimination against older adults, while also supporting youth development. The more generations talk to each other, the better they can understand each other’s concerns and perspectives.  Intergenerational connections can make a big difference, not only for how long we live, but how well we live. Relationships between the elderly and the younger generations make us feel connected in several ways. They make us feel linked not only to each other, but also to something bigger, to the past and to the future. Thus, this connection leads to many benefits for all generations.


This has certainly been confirmed by the YOURS Project.


Cllr. Canning said that The ‘Back to the Future’ book is a credit to all that have shared their part in the Local History activity and it is great to see this book form a legacy to the Project.  He paid tribute to the good work undertaken by the  Community & Development Section, Participants, Facilitators and in particular to Sharleen Tinney, Project Co-ordinator who has made this Project a success, despite the affects of Covid in our world.


David James entertained all with a song ‘Sweet Caroline’ in which everyone joined in.


A video of the highlights of the activities under the Project was played at the event with the much appreciated help from Kathleen Bonner.  This was followed by an open discussion, where everyone shared their experience of taking part in the Project and hoped many more Projects like this would take place in the future.


Sharleen Tinney advised that not only is the History book a legacy, but also groups have continued with the activities that they participated in within their local community.  Cllr. Canning mentioned the 7,000 activity packs that were distributed in association with Donegal Age Friendly within the county during Covid19.  He stated all these pack were appreciated during a difficult time. 


Sharleen thanked all the participants, facilitators, Cllr Canning and in particular David James for making the event such an enjoyable evening.  The evening came to a closure with David playing the 1st song he had released.


This project is part of the Donegal PEACE 4 Action Plan and is funded under the PEACE 4 Programme which is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered locally through the Donegal PEACE 4 Partnership.  This funding received has helped in supporting peace and reconciliation by contributing to social and economic stability and by promoting cohesion between communities.


 Yours Intergenerational

This project is supported by the EU’s Peace IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

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