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05/09/2014 - Council Recognises E-day implications for Businesses in Donegal

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Friday September 19th is E-day and from this date government and public bodies are being asked to stop sending and receiving cheques to or from businesses in Ireland.  This is part of the Governments National Payments Plan.


As part of this initiative Donegal County Council will be writing to all our suppliers of goods and services advising them of E-day and what this means for them.  We are asking suppliers to make arrangements with their banks to arrange for electronic payments (EFT). 


Donegal County Council recognises the practical challenges and implications that this change will have for businesses in Donegal and we have confirmed with our bank that cheques will continue as legal tender.  On this basis, whilst Donegal County Council is committed to achieving the targets set in the Governments National Payments Plan, we will accept cheques after the 19th September deadline but we will be encouraging our business customers to transfer from cheque payments to EFT within a reasonable period of time.







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