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15/02/19 Heritage Council re-opens ‘Adopt a Monument’ Scheme

Doon Fort

Doon Fort, an archaeological monument near Ardara, was adopted by the Ardara GAP Heritage & History Group and selected as one of the six pilot heritage sites in the Heritage Council’s ‘Adopt a Monument’ scheme in 2016.


Is there a much-loved monument in your area that you would like to learn more about and help to conserve?  The Heritage Council is seeking applications from community groups across Ireland for its Adopt a Monument Scheme by Thursday, February 28.  The scheme is designed to identity a monument in your locality that would benefit from some care and attention and to support a local community group’s efforts to get involved in its management.  Aimed at empowering communities to become actively involved in the conservation and interpretation of their local archaeological and heritage sites, The Heritage Council is looking for six monuments to join the scheme for 2019.


Eligible monuments can be anything from an archaeological monument, a historic building, an example of our built heritage, an aspect of industrial heritage or a cultural landscape feature.  “The Adopt a Monument Scheme offers communities expertise, mentoring and support to help them to care for their local heritage, work collaboratively to develop and understand the story of their locality”, said Ian Doyle, Head of Conservation at The Heritage Council.  “For the monuments, the scheme has the potential to ensure ongoing maintenance and care, and greater protection through increased civic value, and much higher standards of interpretation and knowledge.  While spaces are limited, we want to hear from groups who would like to play a leading role in conserving a local monument that they feel passionate about.” 


Adopt a monument

The Kilbarron Castle Conservation Group has been taking part in the Heritage Council’s ‘Adopt a Monument’ scheme since 2017 and they are undertaking conservation works to stabilise the ruins of Kilbarron Castle near Rossnowlagh.


Over the last three years, thirteen heritage sites across Ireland have taken part in the scheme.  These include historic churches, a dry-stone fort, Anglo-Norman motte fortifications, industrial heritage sites (such as an ore-crusher building and a powder house), a 1930s handball alley, an eighteenth-century walled garden and a medieval parish church. 


The Adopt a Monument Scheme offers opportunities to become actively involved in the conservation and interpretation of heritage sites in your local area; collaborate and work together as a community; participate in community development; boost regional tourism, business and employment opportunities; and develop and understand the story of your locality and learn new skills.  “Two archaeological monuments in County Donegal - Doon Fort near Ardara and Kilbarron Castle near Rossnowlagh – are participating in the scheme already,” explained Joseph Gallagher, County Donegal Heritage Officer.  “Training and assistance in recording, understanding and surveying these sites was provided to participating community groups such as the Ardara GAP Heritage & History Group and the Kilbarron Castle Conservation Group over the past couple of years.  The ‘Adopt a Monument’ Scheme is managed by Abarta Heritage on behalf of The Heritage Council and it also works with communities is preparing a conservation management plan and in sourcing funding.” 


The closing date for applications is Thursday, February 28, 2019. Further details and an application form are available on the Heritage Council website. Completed applications should be sent by e-mail to [email protected] 


Advice on applications to the scheme is available from the County Donegal Heritage Office, Donegal County Council on (074) 917 2576 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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