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10/04/19 - Penal Times remembered in Letterkenny Cathedral Quarter for the Pan Celtic Festival


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Penal Laws


Letterkenny Cathedral Quarter is to host a play about the Penal Times in Donegal for the forthcoming Pan Celtic Festival.


This bilingual play performed by the Elusive Players was written by Joe Dowling and Donnan Harvey. It will tell the story of how Catholics and Presbyterians were denied their religious freedoms by the authorities under the Penal Laws. 


Directed by Joe Dowling with narration provided by Derek Carden, the cast of the play is Sean Purser, Mark Lowry Connolly, Daniel Gibbons, Zach Wasson, Muireann MicAodh, Mary Green and Aidan Mullan with music from Freddie McGettigan. Thanks to Muireann MicAodh and Mark Lowry Connolly for the translations.


The play will be staged on Saturday, 23rd April at 12pm at Sentry Hill. According to local tradition, a sentry kept here as priests celebrated mass at nearby Roger's Burn in Glencar. Catholic mass was outlawed at the time and if the Yeomen or Redcoats came upon breaking the law, the consequences were severe.


Letterkenny Cathedral Quarter is extending a warm welcome to visitors from other parts of Ireland and to the other Celtic nations of Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.


Tá súil againn go mbaineann siad taitneamh as a n-fanacht i Leitir Ceanainn don fhéile agus is maith ár súgradh agat faoi stair áitiúl.


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Hedge School

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