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05/07/2024 - Donegal Town Diamond Pedestrian Zone Welcomes All


Donegal Town Diamond reopened to the public on Friday 28th June 2024 following an extensive regeneration project.  There has been a hugely positive reaction to the newly opened iconic Diamond area. In particular the new canopy entertainment space has provided a fantastic opportunity for hosting community events all year round.


Donegal Town Diamond is an inclusive, accessible and welcoming pedestrian space for both locals and visitors to the town. It is important to emphasise that Donegal Town Diamond is now a designated pedestrian zone in the centre of the Diamond within the vicinity of the three rings.


The Council is appealing to users of cars, vans, motorbikes (or any mechanically propelled vehicle) to park in the car parks nearby. Everyone is welcome to congregate and meet on the Diamond, but please do so on foot. Vehicular access is not allowed on the centre of the Diamond and the local community and visitors are asked to support and co-operate with this direction.


Donegal Town Diamond is a pedestrian zone in the interests of health and safety, as well as ensuring the maximum enjoyment for all users of the space. This is also important to protect the space from damage and to keep it as clean as possible.


New pedestrian signage will be placed on the Diamond in the coming days and a traffic warden will be in the Diamond area over the weekend to ensure users are aware that this is a pedestrian zone only and to encourage them to abide by this direction.


These works have been funded under the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media’s Outdoor Public Space Scheme along with co-funding from Donegal County Council.


The new community canopy and entertainment space will be available for those wishing to run events and the space must be booked in advance with Donegal Town Community Chamber by e-mailing [email protected] for more information.