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23/12/2020 - Meenbog Peat Slide

Emergency measures undertaken by the developer of Meenbog wind farm, in order to stabilise the peat slide that impacted the Mourne Beg River, are substantially complete. These measures, which reduce the risk of further peat slides and mitigate against further pollution, require the ongoing need for surface water management on the site in order to divert water away from the site of the peat slide. The emergency measures and water quality impacts are subject to ongoing monitoring.


The Cross-Border Multi-Agency Working Group, established in the wake of the peat slide on the 12th and 13th November 2020 has continued to meet on a weekly basis since the event. Officials from the various agencies involved in the response have carried out monitoring and inspections on a regular basis on the site of the wind farm development where the peat slide originated. The agencies continue to collaborate on the various investigations that are ongoing and share details of the assessments that have taken place.


The wind farm developer is in the process of providing a number of reports and documentation to the statutory agencies on foot of various requests.  No works are planned on the site of the wind farm in the interim, other than those necessary to maintain the integrity of the site and of the emergency measures, until the agencies have reviewed the documentation provided.

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