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06/10/20 - National Fire Safety Week

This year’s theme for National Fire Safety Week is “Smoke Alarms Save Lives” and the focus is on fire safety in the home.  We are spending more time at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and it is important to protect ourselves and our homes from fire.


As our routines change in these challenging times, we can build new fire safety habits to bring with us as we adapt and change to our new normal.


Unfortunately, more than 40 people die in Ireland each year as a result of fire. Tragically, over 90% of the incidents occur in the home, both the very young and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. As part of Fire Safety Week we are encouraging people to fit smoke alarms to their homes and make sure they are in good working order.


Smoke alarms will warn you if there is a fire in your home, and remember your sense of smell does not work when you are asleep, and smoke can put you into a deeper sleep.


Things to Remember


Smoke alarms can be tested weekly by pressing the test button with the handle of a floor brush or a mop.


Replace the batteries when you hear a warning beep/chirp and once a year


If you have 10 year smoke alarms then you need to replace the whole smoke alarm after 10 years, the units are generally date stamped on the side.


There should be at least one smoke alarm for each floor, but if possible smoke alarms should be provided to the kitchen and bedrooms


If someone in the home is deaf or has impaired hearing there are alternatives to audible warnings, such as strobe lights, vibrating pads that can alert in the event of a fire.


Position the smoke alarms at ceiling level in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions


If the smoke alarm gets clogged then it may not work properly, vacuum the smoke alarm and wipe the cover regularly



Don’t Forget


Smoke alarms are the first line of defence to STOP fire, international research has shown that a working smoke alarm reduces the risk of death in a fire by nearly 50%. It gives you time to act before the smoke and fumes can be build up to life threatening levels.

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