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07/09/20 Preliminary Environmental Surveys for Flood Relief Schemes at Burnfoot, Castlefinn, Na DĂșnaibh and Glenties

Preliminary ecological surveys to gather baseline data are required to inform scheme design and appraisal of flood defence options in Burnfoot, Castlefinn, Na Dúnaibh and Glenties.  RPS Consulting Engineers have been appointed to carry out the environmental assessments in these towns and they will begin baseline surveys on Tuesday 8th September 2020.  The initial surveys will take approximately two weeks.  Further surveys will be conducted over the coming months.



Donegal County Council has obtained necessary health and safety statements from RPS demonstrating their safety protocols and procedures, particularly in relation to Covid 19.   The survey teams may require access to private lands to complete habitat and biodiversity assessments.


Should you have any queries please contact the Flood Relief Schemes Unit in Donegal County Council through the contact centre on 074 9153900 or email [email protected].  Donegal County Council thank the public in advance for their co-operation in this matter which will greatly assist in the design of environmentally acceptable flood relief schemes.

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