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Role of Donegal County Council


Donegal County Council, as the Local Authority for County Donegal provides an extensive range of infrastructure and social services in the County.  Through the activities of the Local Community Development Committees and the Local Economic and Community Plan the Council is playing a lead role in the economic, social and cultural development of the County.  Other local government matters delivered include Development Management, the provision of Social Housing, the upkeep and improvement of Roads, Pollution Control, Fire Services and Library Services.   The Council also prides itself in its involvement with the many Community and Voluntary Groups that seek to improve the quality of life through Community and Environmental initiatives.


The headquarters of the Donegal County Council is located in Lifford and four Public Services Centres located at Letterkenny, Donegal Town, Carndonagh and Dungloe.



Representational Role


The Representational Role of Donegal County Council is performed directly by the elected members. Donegal has 37 members elected to five municipal districts. Members are elected according to the system of proportional representation, generally for a period of five years.  The Cathaoirleach of the Council is elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Council.


The wide range of functions performed by the elected representatives are called “Reserved Functions” which relate to the policy making powers of the Authority.


Functions include:


  • Adoption of annual Estimate of Expenses
  • Making or varying of the Development Plan
  • Adoption of scheme of letting priorities for Local Authority Housing
  • Making, amending and revoking bye-laws
  • Approval to the borrowing of money


The Council makes it decisions by “Resolution” at its formal meetings.  The Minutes of all meetings of the Council and its various committees are available on the Council’s Website.


The Executive Functions of the Council are performed by the Chief Executive and staff who are responsible for the implementation of the policies of the Council, as determined by the Elected Members.  The Chief Executive, in making his decision, acts in a way that is consistent with the policy, which has been made by the Elected Members. 


Executive functions include:


  • Letting of houses
  • Deciding on applications for planning permission
  • Control of staff
  • Regulatory and control functions of the Authority



Service Delivery


Services are provided by Donegal County Council under the following 6 directorates:


  • Community Development & Planning
  • Housing, Corporate & Cultural 
  • Economic Development, Information Systems & Emergency Services
  • Finance
  • Roads & Transportation
  • Water & Environment


Donegal County Council holds a wide variety of records in various formats.  These include:-


  • Paper Records – this includes all types of forms, reports, maps, drawing etc
  • Ledgers/Registers
  • Computerised Data
  • Computer Printouts
  • Microfilm – some data is archived on microfilm, particularly where large volumes of paper cause storage problems.
  • Microfiche – in cases where large amounts of data are needed to be stored, this option is utilised.




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