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Casual Trading

n accordance with the Casual Trading Act 1995, Donegal County Council has responsibility for making Casual Trading Bye Laws and may designate casual trading areas within the County.

Casual Trading Bye-laws have been adopted by the Council and casual trading areas have been designated at the following locations in the County:-  Killybegs and Ballyshannon. Bye-laws were also adopted in Bundoran, Buncrana and Letterkenny and  these laws will continue to apply until such time as new bye laws are adopted. Casual trading can only take place at the locations, specified in the relevant Bye laws, and the Council regulates the use of these areas by way of licence. Persons wishing to trade must apply for a Casual Trading licence. Licences are issued for a period of one year in all areas excluding Letterkenny‌.


Casual Trading Application Form




Four plots have been designated within the former Bundoran Town Council area, these are located at Tullan Strand, north of the access to Tullan Strand car park see map which forms part of the byelaws. The fee per annum for a Casual Trading licence is €1280.00

Bundoran Casual Trading Bye-Laws



There are no plots designated within the former Buncrana Town Council area for Casual Trading, trading does take place on the Shore Front and annual licences are available to purchase for a fee of €1500.00

 Buncrana Casual Trading Bye-laws


 See map of  Letterkenny Casual Trading Pitches Please be mindful that whatever vehicle you propose to use to trade fits inside the dimensions of the relevant Trading pitches - dimensions are listed in the Letterkenny Casual Trading Bye-laws 2014

Night time traders

There are 3 pitches for night time traders (Hot Food Only) deliniated on the map as NT1, NT2 and NT3, trading is permitted Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm until 4am and on bank holiday nights. The fee is €3,000.00 per annum or €800.00 for 3 months ‌


Day Time Traders

There are 4 day time pitches at Oldtown Road (DT 1-DT4) and trading is permitted here from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday

There are 4 pitches at the Market Square (DT5-DT8) and trading is permitted here from 7am to 6pm Monday to Saturday

The fee per plot is :  €1000 per annum or (Seasonal) €300 per 3 months


Events:  €150 per day ( or part thereof) Whoever is holding the event is responsible for issuing licences 


Donegal County Council


Casual Trading Licence Fees for the former County Council Area:

a) Where the license is sought for one trading space on one specified day per week - €250.00 per annum.

b) For that trading space (at (a) above) for each additional day per week for which the license is granted - €125.00 per annum.

c) For each additional license sought by the same applicant for another trading space in the same casual trading area for one day per week - €125.00 per annum.

d) In respect of the license for the space specified at paragraph (c) immediately above for each additional day per week for which the  license is sought and granted - €125.00 per annum.

e)Where the license is sought for an event in accordance with Section 4 (1) (a) (iii) of the Act - €32.00 per day.




Please check the Killybegs Casual Trading Map for the relevant sites which are detailed below:




Map no 1

Shore Road Killybegs  1 no plot only measuring 5m by 2.5 metres Trading limited to raw(fresh) fish

This plot is for the sale of fish only and is available from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

Map no 2

Car Park, Shore Road Killybegs measuring 5m by 2.5 metres

20 no spaces which can be used Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only 9am to 6pm


Killybegs Casual Trading Bye-Laws




Ballyshannon Casual Trading Bye-Laws provides for 77 casual trading spaces in the Market yard in Ballyshannon. Trading takes place on a Sunday only and excludes certain festival weekends. The fee per plot is €250.00, additional plots are available at a cost of €125.00 per plot. To view these plots please check the Ballyshannon Casual Trading Map‌   

For all areas/events the Application must be made 30 days before the date that you first propose to trade

The following must be submitted with each application by email only to [email protected]


  • Passport sized photograph per plot
  • Completed Application Form
  • Relevant Fee
  • Public Liability Insurance indemnifying Donegal County Council to a mimimum value of €6.5m 
  • Tax Clearance Certificate