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Donegal County Council's Corporate Identity is intrinsically and historically linked to our Crest or 'Coat of Arms' which was awarded to the Council by the Chief Herald of Ireland in 1974.


The Donegal County Council Coat of Arms is symbolic of both the nature of the county and its ancient history.  The four quills at the top represents the Four Masters, while the dove represents St. Colmcille (Patron Saint of the County).  The wavy bars represent the green hills and golden sands and, by inference the surrounding sea, while the small shield in the centre, with its royal ermine, stands for the ancient Kingdom of Aileach and with the cross of the O'Donnells, signifies the two components of the County - Inishowen and Tir Chonaill.


The Latin wording at the bottom "Mutuam habeatis caritatem" is derived from the last works of St. Colmcille - "Maintain among you mutual love and charity".


Corporate Identity Guidelines  have been prepared and you are asked to comply with these guidelines when using our Corporate Identity or Logo.


For further information on our Corporate Identity contact the Communications Office







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