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Choice Based Letting


There are currently no properties available under Choice Based Letting.


What is Choice-based letting?


Choice Based Letting (CBL) is a method that can be used for the allocation of social housing which is designed to offer more choice and involvement for applicant households in selecting a new home.  Available social housing is let by being openly advertised, allowing qualified households to apply for available homes. 


A qualified household is one which has applied for social housing support and whose application has been approved or one which is already in receipt of social housing support and who has applied to transfer to another form of support and whose application for such transfer has been approved.  Applicants have to act on their own initiative to respond to adverts and apply for a dwelling that they would like to live in.


What type of dwellings does the scheme apply to?


The scheme only applies to dwellings which have been specifically designated by Donegal County Council for Choice Based Letting which are then referred to as “bid dwellings”.


How are dwellings advertised?


When a property is designated for allocation under Choice Based Letting, notices advertising the availability of the property and inviting applications will be published in the first week of any month in which a property is available.  Notices will be advertised as follows:


  • At the headquarters office in Lifford
  • Online at
  • At each Public Service Centre
  • At each Public Library


How can households apply for a property which has been advertised?


Households that wish to be considered in the allocation of a bid dwelling must, within three weeks of the publication of the notice, apply in writing and supply any supporting information specified in the notice.  Each notice advertising a property will set out any specific application requirements for a particular dwelling.


Refusal of an offer of a bid dwelling


Where a household refuses a reasonable offer of the allocation of a bid dwelling, that household shall not, for the period of one year commencing on the date of refusal, be entitled to make a further application under Choice Based Letting to any Housing Authority for the allocation of a bid dwelling.



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