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Change of Ownership

Vehicles registered before 01/01/1993  


Details to be submitted to Local Motor Tax Office to complete a sale: 


  • RF200 form completed by both seller & buyer
  • Registration Book (brown log book)


If the Registration Book is not available then an RF134 form should be duly signed by the seller and stamped by Gardaí. RF134 to be submitted with the RF200 form and appropriate fee of €12.00.


Seller Unknown/Unable to sign RF200 form, (vehicles registered before 01/01/1993)


  • The buyer must submit and complete a Statutory Declaration form. A Registration Book will issue to the new owner.

Note: If the ownership is being transferred to a Motor Dealer the registration book is not submitted but the garage should enter their Garage Code on the form RF200.

Vehicles registered after 01/01/1993


Details to be submitted to Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, Shannon , Co. Clare to complete a sale: 


Vehicle Registration Certificate(VRC) must be completed by both the seller & buyer. 
A new Vehicle Registration Certificate will then be posted out directly to the new owner.


Motor Tax Offices will process a change of ownership in the following situations:


  • Buyer wishes to also tax the vehicle.
  • Buyer wishes to submit a Non-Use Declaration (within 21 days of the date of sale, use RF150 form).


Buyer/Seller Unknown (vehicles registered after 01/01/1993)


Change of ownership - Person purchases vehicle, previous owner has lost VRC or person cannot locate previous owner.

Buyer submits a Statutory Declaration form to Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, Shannon, Co.Clare. A Vehicle Registration Certificate will issue to the new owner.


Change of Ownership to a Garage


Garages can use the Online Change of Vehicle Ownership facility to update change of ownership details using the website address


Change of Ownership to a Motor Dealer - Form RF105 is to be used for a change of ownership to a Motor Dealer for a vehicle registered after 01/01/1993.

Change of Ownership prior to first taxing of the vehicle

Form RF200 must be completed and signed by seller and buyer and submitted to the Department of Transport, Shannon, Co. Clare with  RF100 form. An amended RF100 form will issue to the new owner who will be liable for tax from the Date of Sale. 

Registered Owner Deceased


Change of ownership to Spouse 


For vehicles registered prior to 01/01/1993


If husband or wife was registered owner but now deceased the Motor Tax Office will change vehicle ownership into spouse’s name on production of a death certificate and registration book.

For vehicles registered after 01/01/1993


Complete back of VRC with spouses name, address, enter date of sale and enter spouses signature as buyer and forward the VRC to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co. Clare with copy of death certificate.

Change of ownership to other relatives or persons


Legal confirmation of ownership i.e. Solicitors’ letter/letter from the Executor of the will must be submitted along with Registration Book/VRC before change of ownership can be completed. Prior to 1/1/1993 submit documentation to Local Motor Tax Office. On/after 1/1/1993 submit documentation to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co. Clare.


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