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Scrapping of a Vehicle  


End of Life Vehicles (ELVs)


Registered owners wishing to scrap their vehicle (passenger cars/commercial vehicles up to 3,500 kg gross vehicle weight) should bring the vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for destruction and hand in their Vehicle Registration Certificate.


The ATF will issue a Certificate of Destruction (COD) and notify the Department of Transport, Shannon, Co Clare that the vehicle has been scrapped.


Vehicles registered before 1/1/93 - Motor Tax Offices can only record all other vehicles as scrapped on receipt of the Registration documents from the owner.

Vehicles registered after 1/1/93 - the Vehicle Registration Certificate should be forwarded to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co. Clare.

Scrapped Vehicle back on the road


If a vehicle, which was declared scrapped prior to the introduction of the End of Life Regualtions 2006 is put back on the road, the applicant must submit an Insurance Assessors report which conforms to the requirements of the Construction, Equipment and Use Regulations (S.I. 190 of 1963).


A valid NCT certificate does not meet the requirements.



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