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Stage 1 - How do I know if my dwelling has damage?

For the purposes of this scheme, an "engineer's report" consists of two parts:


a) An IS465 Final Report prepared by a competent engineer from the IS465 Register (



b) A recommendation by the competent engineer of a remedial option


You will need the IS465 Final Report and the recommended Remedial Option before you can apply for Confirmation of Eligibility.



Your engineer will organise this for you.
  • You will have to pay for the engineering services, including any sampling and testing costs.
  • If your application passes Stage 1 and you receive a Confirmation of Eligibility in writing from the Council, you can apply for grant assistance. The grant in respect of the costs for the services associated with the preparation of the Final IS465 Report is 90% of the approved cost or actual cost, whichever is the lesser and subject to a maximum of €6,300.
  • If your application is refused at Stage 1, you are not eligible for grant assistance.
  • It is in your interest to get a few quotes from registered engineers to ensure value for money and agree a price with whoever you select prior to appointment. Any payment you receive in respect of these costs will be coming out of your overall grant allocation.


No. If the concrete blocks in the dwelling have not been damaged due to Mica/Pyrite, you are not eligible for grant assistance.



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