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09/10/19 Donegal features strongly in national #YourCouncil campaign


Donegal County Council staff are featuring strongly in the new national #YourCouncil campaign which aims to highlight the work done by Councils right across the country. 


“Councils provide hundreds of services every day and our work affects everyone’s daily life and communities all over the country” says Brigid Fitzgerald, Communications Officer with the Local Government Management Agency. 


“Still, many people know only a limited amount about what local councils do or how they can engage with and make use of Council services and the #YourCouncil campaign aims to change that”.


Film crews visited Donegal for three days in July and filmed at a number of locations capturing the diverse range of services provided by the Council. 


Traffic Warden Your Council

Jackie McCrudden, Traffic Warden


Scenes were filmed along Letterkenny Main Street where well-known Traffic Warden Jackie McCrudden was on duty as well as at the Town Park in Letterkenny where the Parks Team were tending to their duties keeping the park in pristine condition.   The crew travelled west filming along the stunning Gweebara Bay capturing scenes from the major roadworks which were underway on the N56 between Dungloe and Glenties and nightime roadworks in Dungloe town in preparation for the world-famous Mary from Dungloe Festival.


Filming also took place at Stranorlar Recycing Centre and the Finn Valley Leisure Centre before the crew travelled north to Inishowen stopping off at Greencastle to film a stunning piece of outdoor theatre ‘Shaking the Tale: The Winter’s Tale’ as part of Earagail Arts Festival.  The crew travelled to Carndonagh where they were welcomed at the library before heading to the Colgan Hall to capture community life at its best.  They also filmed a night time callout from Carndonagh Fire Station.  The crews visit concluded in Donegal Town where they visited a Housing Scheme currently under construction. 


night time road works Your Council

Night Time Roadworks in Dungloe.


“We are delighted to see Donegal featured strongly in this campaign and many of the scenes filmed in Donegal have made the final cut” says the Councils Communications Manager Anne Marie Conlon. 


The campaign centres around two short videos designed for use on social media channels and other digital platforms along with a variety of other creative assets such as images, posts and gifs. 


“Through this campaign, which is being delivered by the 31 local authorities around the country, we hope to engage and inform communities about where and how to access local services and supports” says Anne Marie Conlon.


“I would like to thank the staff involved for their support and co-operation in the production of these videos.  It is great to get such a comprehensive view of the diverse range of activities that Councils are involved in and to have Donegal featured so strongly is a great bonus for us.”  


Join the campaign by following #YourCouncil social media posts online and watching and sharing the videos. 


For information on the services your council provides, check out


 Carn Fire Station Your Council

Carndonagh Fire Station

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