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Strabane to Lifford Greenway





Constructed in September 2021, this project provides a cross-border linkage of a high-quality Greenway facility between Lifford and Strabane facilitating modal shift towards active travel between the two border towns via Lifford Bridge, supporting and enhancing the achievement of the NWGN objectives as follows:


  • Bring social, economic, and environmental well-being to all
  • Construct significant stretches of greenway and cycling/walking routes
  • Encourage more people to walk and cycle as part of their daily routine (non-commute)
  • To further develop a cross border network of greenways that link people with places locally
  • Investment in the wider economic and social infrastructure in the North West Region
  • Adoption and compliance with policies such as Active Travel etc
  • Improve safety for vulnerable road users and reduce their interaction with vehicular traffic
  • A reduction of CO2 emissions through a reduced number of non-motorised journeys


For historical project information and updates, please click here.




A section of the new cycling and walking route in Strabane