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MacGill Summer School Video Archive - 2009 to 2016


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MacGill_logoOver the last 36 years, the MacGill Summer School has developed into the foremost political and socio-economic discussion forum in Ireland. For one week every year, the eyes of the national media are firmly fixed on the town of Glenties, where the political agenda is often set. In addition to its national importance, the MacGill summer school has made an enormous contribution to culture and tourism promotion in Donegal.  


In 2009 Donegal County Council partnered with Joe Mulholland and the MacGill Summer School committee to record and broadcast the proceedings live as internet webcasts. This initiative has proven hugely popular, attracting a consistently large viewer base not only in Ireland, but also worldwide. Donegal County Council is making available a searchable video archive of all speakers since 2009.


As the webcasts effectively cover the years of the financial crisis in Ireland, they will no doubt come to be regarded as an unequalled digital archive of that tumultuous period. I would like to acknowledge the work of Daragh McDonough who has been involved with this project since its inception.


Brian Boyle, Head of Information Systems

Donegal County Council


“In its 36 years, the MacGill School has, in many ways, reflected public life in this country. It is a great pity that we had neither the time nor the resources to pay enough attention to recording its proceedings for posterity.  The work that has been done now, however, is one of the most exciting developments in the MacGill's history so far: preserving and editing the webcasts of the past number of years which include the economic crash of 2008 and the painful aftermath will be a great source of material for researchers, students and, indeed, the general public for years to come. Brian Boyle and Daragh McDonough of Donegal Co Council are to be commended for this initiative.” 


Joe Mulholland

Director of the MacGill Summer school