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COPOWER  =  'Community-based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP)'




Project Status: Live Project


Project Manager: Paul Earley

EU Programme: Northern Periphery and Arctic (2021 - 2027)

Project Budget: €1,498,935.40

Start Date:  June, 2023

Finish Date:  May, 2026

Project Website:  Coming soon


Aim & Objectives:


The aim of the project is to develop a community - based Virtual Power Plant (cVPP) and a viable business model to support it in 5 communities of Finland, Icelane, Ireland and Faroe Islands. 


Specific objectives are to:


The overall objective is to use transnational cooperation to exploit information technologies to link multiple small energy systems and operate them in coordination like a utility-scale power station to balance electricity demand and production.





    • Donegal County Council, Website
    • ERNACT, European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology, Website
    • CENTRIA University of Applied ScienceFinlandWebsite
    • Nolsoy Energy Ltd, Faroe Islands
    • University of Iceland 
    • University of OuluWebsite




The main output is a cVPP model for deployment in a typical NPA community with 5 distributed energy resource (DER) solutions applied and an online demonstration service.


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