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ENAIBLER - Enabling an AI-driven Public Sector




Project Status: Live Project ENAIBLER IMAGE

Project Manager: Daragh McDonough 
EU Programme: Interreg Europe (2021-2027)
Project Budget:  €1,763,997
Start Date:  March, 2023
Finish Date:  May, 2027
Project Website:



Aim & Objectives:                                                                                                 


The aim of the project is to:Enable regional and lcoal governments to lead AI-driven policies supporting the digital transformaiton of their territorties.


Specific objectives are to:


    • Build the capacity of the public sector to unlock the benefits of AI balanced with ethical, fairness and safety considerations. 
    • Empower the role of the public sector as early-adopter and promoter of AI-driven solutions.
    • Assist the public sector in the implementation of more open, transparent and ethical policies and services.




    • Donegal County Council, Website
    • ERNACT, European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology, Website
    • ALAV, Association of Local Authoroties Västernorrland (Sweden), Website
    • UH, University of Helsinki, Finland, Website
    • SASS, Association of Municipalities in South Iceland, Website
    • NUIG, National University of Ireland, Galway, Website





    • Develop more tailored and anticipatory services and policies by making use of AI in an ethical, fair and safe way.
    • Promote the use and implementation of AI-powered solutions, serving as empirical example of the benefits and competitive advantage that this technology can bring.
    • Stay connected and become part of collaboration ecosystems at both national and EU level to increase their capacity to develop improved AI-enabled services and policies.


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