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ShareRES - SHARing REnewable eneRgy through Energy communitieS





Project Status: Live Project

Project Manager: Ana Martinez

EU Programme: Interreg Europe (2021 - 2027)

Project Budget: €1.4m

Start Date:  March, 2023

Finish Date:  May, 2027

Project Website: 





Aim & Objectives:


The main objective of ShareRES is to improve the policies that enable an active participation of citizen communities in the energy market by generating, consuming, sharing and selling electricity; as well as providing flexibility to the grid through demand-response and storage. These improvements will achieve a democratic, sustainable and inclusive energy system, in which energy communities will be key for the energy transition.


Specific objectives :


Among the project’s results will be the development of collective and citizen-led initiatives, the increase in public acceptance of renewable projects and the attraction of private investment. Among the benefits and territorial impacts for the regions are the increase in energy efficiency, the reduction of energy costs and, most importantly, the creation of local jobs.


ShareRES will analyse policies and provide insights for policymakersin 6 EU regions: Riga Region (Latvia) in the North; Donegal County (Ireland) in the West; Gorenjska (Slovenia) and Alba Iulia (Romania) in the East; and Nicosia (Cyprus) and Extremadura (Spain) in the South of Europe.


This groundbreaking project will bring about significant transformations. The citizens will become more aware of renewable energy projects and private investment will increase, resulting in the emergence of citizen-driven initiatives. As a result, the regions will experience numerous benefits and territorial impacts, including heightened energy efficiency, reduced energy costs, and, most notably, the creation of local jobs.



Project partners:


LP01 -Consortium Extremadura Energy Agency–AGENEX (Spain)


PP02 -Riga Planning Region(Latvia)


PP03 -Donegal County Council(Ireland)


PP04 -Alba Iulia Municipality (Romania)


PP05 -Nicosia Development Agency(Cyprus)


PP06 -BSC, Business support centre L.t.d., Kranj(Slovenia)





There will be 6 policy improvements developed and implemented throughout the project thanks to an intense core phase that will include several learning events and activities defined in the project work plan. Over 90 people involved in the project will increase their capacity and knowledge of energy communities and renewable community energy projects, from a technical and financial point of view. Over 15 good practices will be identified, allowing them to be transferred within the partnership.


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