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Pre-Planning Application Service


Pre-Planning Consultations


Pre planning Application Form


The Planning and Development Act 2000 provides the facility for pre application consultations. 

A pre-planning request form must be completed in order to submit a pre-planning enquiry. Please arrange to send the completed form and supporting documentation by email only to [email protected]


The following minimum information must be submitted for all pre-planning enquiries:

  • Name, address and contact phone number(s)

  • Address/townland of site

  • Site location map minimum 1:2500 scale

  • Legal interest in site e.g. owner, prospective purchases etc.

  • A clear and detailed description of proposed development/nature of enquiry and any additional supporting information as necessary including photographs, sketches or preliminary drawings.

    If any of the above are omitted the pre-planning enquiry shall be returned. It should also be noted that pre-planning requests should relate to a specific proposal for the land in question. Those that are speculative in the sense that they refer to lands/ property with the applicant requesting advice in general together with queries relating to sites that are up for auction and seeking advice for “development potential” for their lands cannot be dealt with by the planning authority. The planning authority does not consider it appropriate nor has it the resources to deal with such queries and the applicant should consult the relevant development plans and/or seek appropriate professional advice.


Please note that:-

  • Site visits are not conducted for pre planning queries for single houses. 
  • Pre planning consultations are not provided where a site is up for auction
  • In relation to small scale developments, this advice may be given via, a telephone call, correspondence or email. it is not always necessary to hold a pre-planning meeting.
  • Once an application has been submitted to the planning authority you should telephone the relevant and arrange an appointment for one of the clinic days

Clinic details and telephone details available here

 Pre-Planning legislation


The following categories of applications are the ones for which a pre planning application should be submitted:-

  • Proposals of significant social importance.
  • Proposals of significant environmental importance
  • Proposals of employment generating importance
  • Proposals of strategic importance
  • Proposals of significant tourism importance